2016 WPBC Family Fishing Competition


Set up for the prize giving 

Glenn Baker receiveing his prize for the Heaviest Kingfish 9.635kg

Nick Krilitich with the Heaviest Snapper of the day at 3.390kg


Elly Willis collects her prize for the                      Ayla Turvey collects her prize for the Mystery    Heaviest Gurnard Junior section .810kg                weight snapper in the junior section

Brad Yoakley won a lucky tticket prize in the junior section



Brayder Carter Luky ticket Prize winner                    Donte WillisLucky ticket prize winner


Frazer Tilyard collects his prize for                  Nick Kriletich gets his prize for the Heaviest 

the second heaviest snapper

junior section 1.180kg                                                                                


Stella Innes collects her prize for the                   Rebecca Willis collects her prize for the 

heaviest snapper junior section 2.055kg               heaviest Kahawai at 2.100kg 


Ronan Birch-Robertson gets his prize                  Paul Bracewell collects his prize for the             

for the heaviest Kakawai in the junior                   heaviest Trevally 1.130kg

section 1.695kg


Gearge Murphy picks up his prize for                   Tracey Thompson winner of the 

the heaviest Gurnerd 1.025kg                              mystery weight snapper prize 


Rebbeca Willis assists with the spot prize ticket draw          

More decent sized Manukau snapper

Heaviest fish prize winners on the day

Prizes for the various heaviest fish gatagories were obtained from Rust Dog and Outdoors Pukekohe

Just some of the goods generously donated for the fishing competition by businesses in the

Waiau Pa  / Pukekohe / Franklin area 

A nice Gurnard being weighed by Tony and Brendon (out of shot)


Colin maloney addresses the crowd just prior to the start of prize giving

Club president Norbert on the microphone at prize giving


Nick Kriletich picks up his prize for the heaviest snapper 3.380kg

Some of the crowd on the day

Boats returning for the weigh in

Just some of the parked up boats

A great view of some of the returning boats

This year  was another successfull family fishing competition.

Great weather along with a good number of  paticipants and very supportive crowd all helped to make this another fantastic fun filled day, with many people going home with lots of goddies.      

The WPBC committee wish to thank all of our sponsors for  their generosity this year.

It is only with the generosity of sponsors, club members and supporters of the WPBC that this event is possible and that it has grown from year to year.

Please go  to the sponsors/supporters link to see our sponsors.

We ask that where possible you support the businesses that suppport this club

Their support of the club and events can not be under estimated.