http://www.crml.co.nz/Subject: Waiau Pa Boat Club Gate Installation.

The gate and camera installation has now been completed.

A big thank you to all the businesses, committee members, and volenteers who have helped with this project.

Businesses who have made this project possible are: 

Anchor wire: Manufacturer and supplier of the cantilever sliding gate

counties concrete: Concrete supplies

Downee NZ: Gate electronics

Alex Matheson: Digger work

Electrical Solutions: Electrical installation

Kevin McKenzie: Contractor

Orr Electrical: Electrical installation

Signmax: Signage

Weck timber Patumahoe: Timber supplies

WPBC committee and friends.


Click on the blue coloured links to veiw details.


We would encourage boat club members to support these businesses.

Without their support and generosity, this project would not have been possible


The yearly membership fee was discussed and set at the recent AGM held on August 16 2018

It was voted to increase the joining fee to $75.00 and the season fee has remained unchanged at $90.00.

The gate is now operational and all current boat club members have been issued with a temporary access code.

A key pad access code or GSM cell phone number will be issued shortly.

Once this has been done, the temporary access code will be deleted from the system


The methods of entry and exit will be by GSM (cell phone) or key pad access code


Every member will be offered one of these options, i.e you can either use your cell phone or the key pad access code to open the gate. 

There is NO auto opening loop system, i.e the gate will not open automatically as you approach it to exit.


Online credit card payment option:

This option has been developed for the web site but the committee have decided to put this on hold for the moment. We will  look at introducing this at a later date.



WPBC chairman